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The art of custody

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For more than 30 years, Blindhouse has been keeping in Naples, in its own air conditioned vaults, works of art, paintings, valuable objects, antiques, collections, carpets, furs, documents: in one word, all the most valuable things of its faithful customers.

The characteristics of the equipment and a covered garage inside the premise assure the greatest safety and privacy for loading and unloading operations, because customers – safe from prying eyes – can drive in and get very close to their safe-deposit box or their safe or for the delivery of sealed envelopes to be placed in custody, for short or long periods according to one’s own requirements.

The broad vaults are constantly watched and equipped with alarm systems connected to the Police, as well as with systems to monitor humidity and temperature in order to better preserve the objects in custody.
As concerns the insurance, Blindhouse is able to give an
full first risk coverage, without limit of liability.

Besides its custody activity since 1979 for private customers, companies and public bodies, Blindhouse stands out for the integrated management of all the services necessary to collectors and people keen on arts:

° from the valuation of individual works of art and objects, to the inventories for sharing out of the inheritances with the support of acknowledged and independent experts;

° from transport to insurance;

° from cleaning and restoration of works of art by acknowledged professionals, to the performance of photographic services to catalogue heritages;

° from elegant meeting place for experts and private collectors, to exhibition gallery, the Blindarte contemporanea, involved in an uninterrupted yearly programme of exhibitions and performances of international artists;

° from the artistic and financial advice for investments in works of art, to Blindarte auction house, since 1999, member of A.N.C.A. (National Association of Auction Houses) and of EFA (European Federation of Auctioneers).

At present, Blindarte is the only one in the Centre and South of Italy to collect and select works of ancient, modern and contemporary arts, antiques, modern antiques and collections, pieces of china, silver objects, jewels and watches, and so on, which are auctioned during its awaited and crowded thematic auctions.
The catalogues and auction results are also available on line.



As concerns custody fees in Blindhouse’s vaults, the yearly rate starts from about 70,00 Euro for a small safe-deposit box to about 1.630,00 Euro for a private safe.

For closed and sealed envelopes (with or without home-delivery), costs depend on the size and duration of the custody (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months), in addition to – as for all items – those relating to the full first risk insurance coverage.

It is possible to have tailor-made cost estimations.

The premises of the vaults and exhibition galleries of Blindhouse and Blindarte, in Naples, are located a few steps away from Virgil’s tomb, outside the tunnel below Posillipo hill and which connects the old fishermen’s neighbourhood of Piedigrotta – nowadays elegant area with the renovated Mergellina railway station – to Fuorigrotta, a neighbourhood in the west side of the town which leads to the Phlegraean Fields.  
These landscapes have been largely painted by Neapolitan and foreigners view-painters (Vedutists) in the 18th and 19th century in their works of art which, probably, along with other valuable art objects passed or “stay” in Blindhouse’s vaults, which for almost 30 years has been a point of reference for their preservation and, today, with Blindarte auction house, also for their private negotiations.

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