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An international auction house in Naples

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Blindhouse was founded in 1979, a unique and futuristic super-armoured vault for the custody of valuables and assets in Southern Italy, one of the first strong rooms of this kind in Italy.

After more than twenty years of experience, having become a leader in the field of safety, Blindhouse establishes Blindarte auction house and enters the art market.

Blindarte auction house started its activity of sales by auction of works and objects from private collections in Naples, a town with great culture and deep-rooted collecting, by carrying out auctions once a year, including a wide range of art objects of several kinds. Within a few years, thanks to the good results and an increasing turnover, Blindarte auction house made the decision to organize several departments dealing with items of different kind, which are auctioned during the spring session (May) and winter session (December).


Nowadays Blindarte auction house is the only auction house in Central and Southern Italy to be a member of national and international associations in this field; it is leader of the market in Central and Southern Italy and it is among the most active auction houses which boasts the record of awards at international level.

Blindarte auction house is divided into three different departments:






The experts from Blindarte auction house are among the most skilled professionals in the various fields of activity. Blindarte auction house can give estimates for each kind of items from any time, and it gives free estimates for works and items which are put up for auction. It regularly performs, with the highest discretion, estimates for: old paintings, 19th and 20th century paintings and sculptures; any kind of modern and contemporary art works; paintings, sculptures, installations and video-art, China, silver, jewels, watches, antique furniture and design items or any other valuables. In addition to auctions, Blindarte can carry out private negotiations upon request of individual clients and institutions.

The members of our staff are highly skilled and can - upon request - arrange insured transportation for objects and works to be put up for auction in the several departments. Blindarte auction house can arrange, on behalf of clients, transports from any country to the premises of the auction house in Naples. It is always ready to make estimates according to the specific needs of clients.



Blindarte auction house is located near to Blindhouse custody of valuables at Fuorigrotta, via Caio Duilio, just at the foot of Posillipo hill. The location in the central quarter in the Western area of Naples can be reached easily with any means. The private car-park make it very easy to load and unload items.



The website of Blindarte auction house ( is followed by thousands of fans every month and on the occasion of auctions, about one month before May and December sessions, it gives the possibility to clients to browse the full catalogues of the various auctions online.

Furthermore, the site is available for any information about Blindarte auction house, including the results of previous auctions, or about the activities of Blindhouse custody of valuables. From website, it is possible to visit the website of Blindarte contemporary art gallery via the relevant link.


Blindarte auction house has also added a new section to its website:

Besides giving the possibility to browse the auction catalogues free online, it gives the possibility to view some of the works which are not put up for auction but are directly sold via Blindarte virtual gallery.
The full list of the works for sale is always available at the website:, where it is possible to buy works of art and objects when they are selected and put for sale. For each work, an information sheet and several pictures are available.

Payment methods for this kind of purchase vary according to how fast buyers want to transfer money and collect or receive the items.

Payment options available for the works displayed at are: paypal, credit card, bank transfer. If required, the payment can also include the courier fee to deliver the work to the address given by the buyer (his/her own address or different).

The buyer shall receive the work in a few days from the purchase at the requested address in Italy or abroad.


Blindarte auction house and Blindhouse custody of valuables made an agreement with Monte Paschi di Siena in 2010 in order to cooperate and exchange professional skills as regards the activities of estimates of art works and investment activities of the bank's Family Offices and in connection with the organization of high-level cultural events.

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